We collected experiences from other fieldworkers and made this overview of manufacturers. For each product we scored the number of positive (P) and negative (N) expierences.
Manufacturer type of equipment Test result               
H.A.B.I.T receiver 2N
Sirtrack transmitter 1P
Communication specialist receiver 4P
Advanced telemetry systems (ATS) receiver 4P
Advanced telemetry systems (ATS) transmitter 2P
Advanced telemetry systems (ATS) archive tags 1P
Advanced telemetry systems (ATS) datalogger and attachments 2P
Lotek receiver 3P
Lotek transmitter 2P
Icom receiver 2P
Holohil transmitters 2P
Wildlife materials inc. receivers 2N
Telonics receivers 5P, 1N
Telonics antenna 1P
AVM receiver 1P, 5N
AVM transmitters 1P, 3N
AVM antenna 2N
Hi-tech transmitters 1N
American wildlife enterprises transmitters 2P
Vemco receiver 1P
Vemco transmitters 1P
Biotrack receiver 1P
Biotrack receiver 1P
Televilt receiver 2N
Televilt antenna 1P

If you have experience with other manufactures or products, or wish to add a positive (P) or negative (N) recommendation, please mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.